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Dear Website Owner,

Recently, my rented web servers was infected by a harmful virus called Gumblar. Perhaps you've already heard about it or may be youíre one of the thousands of affected website owners.

Hackers are too clever these days, that they are able to create malicious codes that can penetrate secured web servers and inject harmful codes into your website. If you have been hit latety with this kind of malware, I'm sure you've been frustrated that your online income has been affected. Not only thousands of dollars was lost but also your credibility online. Just imagine your loyal visitors staring at a google warning that your site cannot be trusted as it contains malicious codes. It's irratiting isn't it?

If your websites get infected by these malicious codes, all your visitors see is a malware alert and their antivirus softwares will detect that your site is not safe for browsing.

You can remove the malicious codes yourself manually in your website files, but it would be difficult and time consuming to search for infected files and removing the malicious codes. If your website has hundreds or thousands of files, it would be an extremely tough task.

"Introducing the Malicious Code Cleaner
Malicious Code Removal Script!"

If you are looking for a simple yet effective malicious code removal tool, then you came to the right place!

Malicious Code Cleaner malicious code removal tool is an easy to install php script. Just upload the script to your server and you can immediately start cleaning your site.

Save your online business from these harmful malicious codes. Stop losing your online investments.

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"You Wonít Believe How Easy It Is To Use
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Malicious Code Cleaner works as an easy to use search and clean software. Just upload the script to your affected website. Run the script on your web browser, paste the suspected malicious code and you can immediately search and scan to see how many files on your website is infected. No database setup needed. After you check the number of infected files, you can now click the clean button to get rid of the malicious codes.



Here are some of the Benefits of using Malicious Code Cleaner:

You Save Time. - Removing malicious codes from infected files would take forever if you have hundreds of website files. Malicious Code Cleaner will have your site clean in just minutes.

You save money! - There are online freelancers who charge up to $150 per site for malicious code removal service.

You Save your Websites & Blogs - Now you can easily clean your websites in no time. Malicious Code Cleaner will remove malicious codes from your Joomla, Wordpress, and other websites. Rescue your infected websites and remove google safe browsing warning.

You Rescue your Online Business. - If your online business is affected by malicious codes your online revenue will surely decrease. Get rid of malicious codes and avoid losing your online business.

and many more..

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One of my websites was recently infected with a virus and I had no idea how to fix it. I purchased your malware remover. Once I got started I still had a few questions and you responded to my emails immediately and you helped me get through my problem. Both your software and your customer service were amazing. Thank you again for all of your help. I'm glad I found your site! The software helped me clean up about 20 sites. It was awesome!

Thanks a lot,

Frank Vandy

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When you order Malicious Code Cleaner today it comes with my no excuses personal guarantee. Just order and install the script and try it. In case you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply send me an email and I will refund your money right away.

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To Your Online Success,

Julio Mario

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Thanks a lot,

Andy Sibelle

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